so there's an interesting solution to some of the DAO fundamental problems brewing over in Dotsama by a project called Invarch. This is some big brain stuff but it's just easier to read the OG twitter thread and start digging in from there as that is just the initial alpha drop but it's continuing. Now the thread is specific to the first instance of the tools, but any DAO can incorporate this DAOist SDK. https://twitter.com/YoudleDAO/status/1569125408427089922?s=20&t=SFQmH1bSn3FhjacGPCvCkQ

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This is basically how I have felt since I started feeling like a downturn was coming around January. Also, I appreciate the fact that you date the recent bull market to DeFi Sumer. Normies and my fellow journalists tend to date it to the 2021 NFT boom but I think that foundation was laid in DeFi Summer.

My take on what's next is I guess sort of reflected in your very, very last little bit but I guess I will say it stronger.

People are working on a lot of things right now and some of those things will probably matter long term, but we won't see the new shiny thing coming till it's here and most of us will say the shiny new thing is bullshit when it first shows up, just as so many folks did about NFTs for about 3 years there.

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