Programmable assets as a form of artificial outelligence

Human collective unleashed a new form of unpredictable and resistant life form with potentially more immediate impact than AI itself. 

Programmable assets solve human coordination problems, as their behavior becomes more predictable. We program our behavior rather than the asset itself, thus organize ourselves with greater specificity. Human interaction conforms to the law of the code.

Consider a concept of artificial outelligence put forward by Eric Weinstein. An unintelligent computer system that evolves by hijacking the minds it dupes & outwits. Outelligence is a form of an unintelligent life outwitting an intelligent life.

In nature we can observe particular species of muscles fooling more intelligent lifeform. A sea bass, that is tricked to bite its flashy lip confusing it with a particular fish it preys on, with the mussel releasing it’s larvae into bass' gills.

Software As A Life Form

In Weinsteinn's framework in order to achieve life you need a system of selective pressures:

  • Variation within population

  • Heritability

  • Differential success

Any computer software with spawn function (in an open-source environment) is a form of artificial outelligence. As organisms evolve through changes in their DNA, blockchain protocols evolve through changes in their code. Blockchains have terminal lines. Selective pressures are present.

Think of human interaction with ‘programmable assets’ as a case of highly intelligent dupe fooled by lower life form. Consider Bitcoin a relatively simple code that duped people to form an economy around it - mining, buying and paying with it.

Bitcoin is a software that self-sustains its own existence by paying human for its life support. Humans organize themselves around bitcoin’s code that endogenously ‘specifies provision and payment for computation’.

Humans And Machines

As we get smart enough to avoid the luring strategy, weaker lines of outelligence get eliminated. Our own intelligence sharpens the lures of an unintelligent lifeforms by adjusting the code (think hardfork). Stronger code carries on.

Imagine an arms race between parasitized target species getting smarter and the other less intelligent or non-intelligent object getting ‘as smarter’ by adapting new strategy. 

In nature, there is a thin line between symbiosis and parasitism. Artificial outelligence runs loose and modifies human interaction which then modifies the behavior of the outelligence by adjusting the code. 

Whereas artificial intelligence, acting in centralized isolation, denies human agency, the concept of outelligence represents continuous reflexive loops of machine and human interaction.